Apple cake recipe

How To Make Apple Cake Recipe

Apple cake recipe

Prep time: 20-25 minutes
Cook time: one hour
Extra time: 5-10 minutes
Total time: 1 hour 35 minutes

We are living in the world that is changing day by day, we are part of the 90s where we were only introduced to chocolate cake and cream cake, but with time we got many verities, apple cake is one of them, people who are a foodie and have the urge to try new food that should be delicious and different they can try apple cake recipes. 

The quality of this apple cake recipe is you can make it easily at home in no time. All of its ingredients are common, and you can buy them to your near grocery store. 

You need to be sure, and you are going to try a delicious cake recipe and every one goanna love this. We assured you to try this recipe. You are going to try it again and again due to its softness and yummy taste.

Now it’s time to share the recipe with the people that are excited to know what they are required to make this yummy cake.

Apple cake recipe
Apple cake recipe


To make the apple cake recipe, you need the following ingredients

⦁ Butter ½ cup (room temp)
⦁ Vanilla extract or cinnamon ice cream (1 quart)
⦁ Powdered sugar (1 cup)
⦁ Egg 2
⦁ Vanilla ¼ tsp
⦁ All-purpose flour one ¼ cups
⦁ Baking soda 1 tsp
⦁ Salt ¼ tsp
⦁ Chopped walnuts ½ cup
⦁ Apple (peeled) 2 medium apple 1 ½ cup
⦁ Ground cinnamon 1 tsp


There are following simple and easy instructions for apple cake recopies’ by following them, you can make an amazing cake.

Follow the method as given below:

⦁ Preheat your oven to 350°F.

⦁ Spray your pan that should be 9 inches, use baking spray for flour. 

⦁ Take a large bowl to mix the ingredients. First of all, take butter, beat the butter and then add sugar. Use electric mixture, but mix them at a low speed so they can mix well with each other, mix them to get desired results, or they get fluffy. Now its time to add eggs, add one egg at one time, beat the egg well, when it got mixed add the other one, beat it again. 

⦁ Now add vanilla and mix it well, as the vanilla got mixed now add flour, mix it again. On the next step, add baking soda to the material, then add cinnamon and then salt. Mix them all to get the desired results, and they look combined. 

⦁ Now add apple and walnut in the material and mix them well. 

⦁ Now it’s time to back the cake; back it for 35-40 minutes. Back it until the toothpick did not comes clear. When it’s getting back, get it out from the oven and let it be cool. Remove the baked cake from the cool wire and it for the next 10 minutes. 

⦁ Your cake is ready to serve.

Serve limit

You can serve it to 8 people, but if you cut the slice small, then you can serve it to 8-12 people. 

Apple cake recipe
Apple cake recipe


It depends on your choice either you want to decorate it or want to serve simple. You can add dry fruits of your choice; you can add some cream to make it moist or yummy. Or you can also add barriers and cherries. To get a colorful cake, you can add food color to the material before to back the cake. 

Serve this cake along with tea. Your guest is goanna love this moist cake with a different but sweet taste of apple cake. 

Special tips for the beginners

⦁ If you want to make your cake more stylish and attractive than serve it with an ice cream scoop. 

⦁ If you still want to make it fancier, than you can also add some cinnamon or cameral taste in to make it more yummy and moist. 

⦁ During cook time, try to keep the cake not too much juicy as they lost their original shape, so if you have any special shape in your mind, shape them before putting it up to the oven. 

⦁ You can eat this cake in the breakfast, you just add some walnut and almond in the butter and add on the slice, warm it and take it along a cup a tea or coffee. 
This apple cake is very delicious, yummy, and soft and can be used for every age of people. 

Apple cake recipe
Apple cake recipe

Can I freeze it? 

I believe food that is freeze they lost their original taste. Although there is no need to freeze this cake, you can simply wrap it with the aluminum foil that prevents the cake from getting dry. So it is suggested to keep it outside at the normal room temp. 

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