Butter Cake recipe

How To Make Butter Cake Recipe

Butter Cake recipe

Prep time: 15 minutes
Cook time: 40-45 minutes
Total time: 1 hour

If you are tired of eating chocolate, coffee cake, apple cake, and many more cakes that are heavy. If you want to try something delicious but straightforward, then you should try this one. 

We will share one of the best butter cake recipes, and you are going to love it. As mentioned in the name, butter cake is full of butter and very soft cake, and you won’t stop yourself from eating this sweet and moistly cake. 
I have tried this cake so many times, and all of my friends asked me to share the recipe. So follow the recipe as I am going to provide to get a sweet, butter-rich, and moist cake. 

I assured you, if you try it once you are going to make it again and again, butter cake recipe taste is fantastic and sweet, and you can eat any time, and you can serve to your guest. You can even eat it at breakfast. 

Butter Cake recipe
Butter Cake recipe

Are you confused about butter cake and pound cake?

Both have a slight difference. Butter cake is also known as creamy cake. Like other cakes, it is not heavy and tastes better and different from all other cakes.
 While the pound cake focuses on three main ingredients flour, sugar, and butter, both cakes may look like the same, but taste-wise, butter cake is best. 

Special note

Many people have tried this unique butter cake recipe taste very delicious, and all of them have appreciated them. They love their taste. This is very easy to bake, so you will not have any issues during the preparation and cook time. 

I bet you this is one of the best and easy recipes on the internet if you do not believe you can check it. 

Now I will share how to make this delicious butter cake. 

Ingredients to make butter cake

There are the following ingredients that you need to make a sweet and yummy butter cake. You can get these

ingredients from anywhere easily:

⦁ Milk (full milk) or yogurt (4 tsp)

⦁ 1 cup Sugar (200 gram)

⦁ Eggs- 4 

⦁ Unsalted butter- 225 gram

⦁ 11/2 cup all-purpose flour 

⦁ Vanilla extract- 1 tsp

⦁ Baking powder- 1 tsp

The recipe is very easy, and you can make this butter cake in less than 40 minutes.

Butter Cake recipe
Butter Cake recipe


⦁ Preheat the oven at 190°C

⦁ The grease you 8×8 pans with some butter, it will help the material not to stick with the pan. 

⦁ Mix the flour and baking powder and mix them well. Then add salt and mix them again. Set aside.

⦁ Add sugar and butter in a separate bowl. Use a hand mixer to beat the material, beat them until you did not get the desired results. Stop doing beat when you get the yellow, pale, or color. Add one egg and beat again. When it got mixed, add another egg. Add all the eggs one by one and beat it until it did not get creamy. Now add vanilla extract and miss it again. Now fold in the flour and mix it again. In the end, add some yogurt or milk and beat it again.

⦁ Add some butter into a greased baking pan. Shake it well. Now bake the material until it gets brown, cooked it about 45-50 minutes. Cover the top with aluminum foil or a paper if you do not want a brown top.

⦁ Get it out from the oven, remove its foil cover.

⦁ Keep it to get cool, or you can use a wire rack. It will get cool in the next 4-5 minutes.

⦁ Your cake is ready to serve. Cut it into slices and feel the yummy taste of the super delicious butter cake.

Special tips:

If you are going to make a butter cake, then read these special tips to get amazing results.

⦁ Try to use butter that is available in good quality, so the cake tastes good.

⦁ It is better to use a hand mixer to mix the cake material.

⦁ A sift flour always provides a smooth cake.

⦁ Although you can use milk or yogurt, by using yogurt, you will get the cake extra moist and soft.

⦁ If you do not want to get the brown top of the cake, then cover it with a paper while baking this, but remove this cover when you are going to keep it in the oven.

⦁ Decorate the cake in the way you want.

Butter Cake recipe
Butter Cake recipe

Can you freeze the butter cake?

There is no need to freeze the cake; you can keep it at room temperature. We eat/serve it warm so you can simply cover the cake with an aluminum foil, which will help to keep the cake moist and not to get dry.  

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