How To Make Christmas Cake Recipe

Christmas cake recipe

Prep time: 30 minutes
Cook time: 2 hours 15 minutes
Cooling time- depends on the temperature
Taste: delicious

This is one of the most delicious and speedy recipes to make a charismas cake recipe in no time. This cake is full of dried fruits, and with every spoon, you will feel yummy. 

Use of alcohol- you need a total of 150 ml of alcohol/whiskey or any product of bear you like to put in the cake. For the child, you can use it without alcohol. 

Soft- the cake will be soft and can be used for every age group of people. With every slice of cake, you will feel a sweet taste. 

Decoration- although the cake is full of dry fruits and you can represent as it is, if you want to make it more attractive and stylish, you can add extra topping with barriers, walnut, or the dried fruits of your choice. 
Be confident about the cake because you are going to listen, this cake is very amazing and yummy. We loved it.
What you need now?

You need a delicious pancake recipe so that you can prepare a cake on Christmas or before Christmas Eve. 

Serve to people: Cut the cake into more than 10-15 pieces. 

Follow this Christmas cake recipe to make your Christmas more special and memorable. You can also make this cake in advance; its taste will be remaining the same over the month. 

Christmas cake recipe
Christmas cake recipe


To make a mouth-watery Christmas cake for your loved ones, you need the following ingredients:

⦁ Mixed dry fruits (1 kg) cherries, currants, raisins, cranberries, figs & sultanas.

⦁ Eggs- 4 (fixed)

⦁ One tablespoon vanilla extract 

⦁ Add one orange juice

⦁ Add one lemon juice

⦁ ground cloves ¼ t-spoon

⦁ Flaked almond 100 gram

⦁ Ground Cinnamon 1 T-spoon

⦁ Mixed spice 2 T-spoon

⦁ Baking soda ½ T-spoon

⦁ Plain flour 175 gram

⦁ Sherry or brandy/whiskey 150ml or extra for feeding

⦁ Brown sugar (light soft) 200 gram

⦁ Butter 250 gram

⦁ Ground almond 100 gram

Christmas cake recipe
Christmas cake recipe


To prepare a Christmas cake recipe to follow the following steps for a delicious pancake recipe 

⦁ Put all the mix 1 kg dry fruit in a bowl to make a super fluffy pancakes, put lemon and orange juice in it, add brandy or other alcohol as you like 150 ml, add softened butter 250 gram, add the brown sugar, mix all well and put all these in a pan and keep them on a medium heat.

⦁ When it starts boiling, lower the flame and simmer them for 5 minutes. Put these mixtures into a bowl and let them leave to cool for 30 minutes.

⦁ Put the oven at the 150C/130C fan. Line a deep 20cm cake container with a double layer of ⦁ baking paper, wrap a double layer of newspaper around the outside the cake – tie with a thread to secure.

⦁ Add ground almonds 100 gram, plain flour175 gram, baking powder ½ tsp, mixed spice 2 tsp, ground cloves ¼ tsp, ground cinnamon 1 tsp, four egg, flaked almond 100 gram and vanilla extract to in the bowl of fruit mixture and stir well, make sure flour is mixed well into the material. Soon you are going to get super fluffy pancakes. 

⦁ Put this material into your prepared tin, level the top with a spatula, and bake it in the oven over for 2 hours.

⦁ After two hours, get the cake out of the oven, poke some holes in it and add two spoons of your favorite alcohol into it, let the cake cool completely in the tin. 

⦁ Peel off the baking paper to store it, and then wrap it well in cling film. Nosh the cake with 1-2 table sp0on alcohol after every two weeks until you put to keep it in the ice. 

⦁ Do not grain the cake in the final week, so the top will get a chance to dry before the icing. 

How to serve the Christmas cake?

This cake is definitely delicious, soft, and rich in dry fruits (with various fruits flavor). You can serve the food as it is, or you can decorate it according to your choice by adding your favorite fruits/ dry fruit to make super fluffy pancakes. 

Christmas cake recipe
Christmas cake recipe

Recipe Notes

⦁ Use of dry fruit- you can use dry fruit (that are not added in the recipe), but the total quantity should be not more than one kg. 

⦁ Juice- for the juice, you can only use orange and lemon.

⦁ Cake serving size- if you cut the cake into small slices, then you can serve it to more than 15 people; otherwise, it can be served to a maximum of 10-15 people. 
You are definitely going to love this delicious Christmas cake recipe. Try this at your home, or you can contact us to get more yummy cake recipes. 

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