wedding cake recipe

How To Make Wedding Cake Recipe

Wedding cake recipe

You are going to tie in a lifetime knot and you have wished to make your own wedding cake to feel every moment of this golden time. If you are searching for the right wedding cake recipes than you are in the right place. We will tell you one of the best and famous wedding cake recipes. This wedding cake recipe is easy to make and in the end, you will be happy to see your efforts in the form of a well-formed cake. 
As this is a wedding cake recipe so we will suggest you put the spark that is representing a couple of pictures on the top of the cake.

Wedding cake recipe
Wedding cake recipe


To make a yummy wedding cake you are required to need the following ingredients.

For butter-cream you need: 

⦁ Plain chocolate 200 gram (along 70% cocoa) all should be in parts
⦁ Unsalted butter (500 gram) softened 
⦁ Icing sugar (1 kg)
⦁ Lemon curd jar in Good-quality
⦁ Double cream 142ml carton
For marzipan
⦁ Natural marzipan 500-gram pack
⦁ Apricot jam jar 450 gram, rest of the jam will be used later

For icing ingredients

Board- white ready-to-roll icing 800 gram/1lb12oz, a paste of food color
Fruit cake- white ready-to-roll icing, 500gram /1lb2oz, a paste of cream food color 
Chocolate cake- white ready-to-roll icing 1.7kg/3lb 10oz, food color paste (ivory).
Lemon cake- white ready-to-roll icing, 1kg/2lb4oz, and paste of dusty pink food. 

Wedding cake recipe
Wedding cake recipe


There will be 3 cakes first cake for the top tier, second for the middle tier, and third for the bottom tier.

For cake stacking

⦁ Egg white- one
⦁ Icing sugar- 200 gram
⦁ Dowelling rods


⦁ First, cover the fruit cake with marzipan: for this, you need to:

⦁ Boil the apricot jam by adding 2 tsp of water and then add it to a bowl. 

⦁ With the help of apricot jam brush the cake board.

⦁ Cut the cake rounded top, turn it upside down on the board. 

⦁ Put a thin layer of apricot jam all over the cake.

⦁ Cover the top and sides of the cake- dust the work surface with icing sugar and roll the marzipan into the circle. Make the cake smooth by your hands and then trim the marzipan so you will be able to see the board, left it for the next few hours but if you do not have time than cake can be iced at that time. 

⦁ Use butter-cream to cover and fill the lemon and chocolate cake add the lemon curd or silky chocolate (depend on your wish) to transform simple butter-cream, into the indulgent filling. 

⦁ How to do it? First, take the butter, beat it until it did not get creamy, on the next step beat the icing sugar slowly, consider 600g/1lb 5oz of the mix and mix 5 tbsp of the lemon curd into it.

⦁ Take a pan, add the cream to boil, add it to over the chocolate. Leave it for 3 minutes then mix it well until it did not get smooth. When it gets cool but you feel there is still liquid, fold it to the remaining butter-cream. 

⦁ When you feel each cake is cool than level the top of the cake by using a knife. Add some buttercream over the cake board. Turn the cake upside and downside and brush all the cake with apricot jam. 

⦁ Cut the cake into 3 layers, if the temperature of the kitchen of hot, keep it in the fridge for a while, take the cake out of the fridge and fix the layers, make sure they are in the right order. 

⦁ Now spread the butter-cream approx ¼ on the first layer of the cake. Next for lemon cake, add lemon curd over the icing, did this process with the remaining layers. Spread the remaining ice on the top. Make it smooth with the help of a knife. The cake is ready to cover with ready-to-roll icing. Filled the cake with icing and butter-cream. Keep the cake for the next 2-3 days. 

⦁ Cover all three cakes with ready-to-roll icing and then add food color differently on each tire. 

Wedding cake recipe
Wedding cake recipe

⦁ For marzipanned fruitcake, brush the fruit cake with boiled water, it will help to stick the icing. Then dust the work surface with icing sugar. Add the color to the whole cake to make an attractive and colorful cake add more knead if you want more color on the cake.  

⦁ Dust the surface again but very lightly and roll the icing into the circle to cover all the sides of the cake.

⦁ Smooth the icing with your hands and keep it for 3 days. 

⦁ After icing the cake brush it with cool boil water, it’s time to cover ivory-color icing. 

⦁ Dowels give balance to the cake so keep it equal; your cake will stay balanced. 

⦁ Take a bowl adds the egg into the icing sugar and beat it well. 

⦁ It’s time to add doweling roads into the triangle, start from chocolate cake. Mark the doweling position for the top of the icing.

⦁ Put the chocolate cake onto the covered board, then pile cakes on top of one another, positioning each cake and softly lowering one side of it onto the base or cake below. 

⦁ Cover the cakes if you are going to freeze them for more than 3 days. 

⦁ Decorate the cake according to your wish by using ribbon and rose. 

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