white cake recipe

How To Make White Cake Recipe

White cake recipe

Prep time: 25 minutes
Cook time: 35-40 minutes
Total time: one hour 10 minutes
Serving: 9-11 people

I am feeling happy while writing this white cake recipe, as my friends forced me to share my best recipe so the other people can get the same flavor as mine. At the start, I adopt another recipe to make the White cake, but later I found this is like the same as we buy from the bakery. I had a wish to make the cake in a different way than taste different but it should be delicious and yummy.

This recipe is one of my favorite and close to my heart because I work so hard to make this recipe, I got failed 3 times by making this, but I challenged myself to make it the way I want to. And finally, after 3 failures I was able to get the desired results.

You will feel easy to make this white cake recipe, as it is very simple. 
People who have never tried any cake before do not worry you are going to enjoy each and every step of this white cake recipe buttermilk, from beating white eggs to making the material, adding it to the pan and then shifting it to oven to back the cake.

white cake recipe
white cake recipe

Special Tip 

To keep the cake pure white, just use egg white because by using yolks it will change into light lemon type color.

People who have never beat egg white to reach the stiff peak

I am going to share a simple process that will help you to beat the white egg.

  • add egg white in a medium-size bowl.
  • Keep beating the egg white to get the desired results.
  • The stiff peak will be formed when the egg white increase in the volume. Continue to beat egg until you did not get a stiff peak. Once you get at your point, stop the process.
  • Add your egg white into the white cake material very softly; it’s better to do this process with your hands to get the good results. Make sure you have mixed it well so they are looking a part of butter/material.
  • Do not get panic if the top of the cake turns dark while baking, it will be darker from outside like dark or light brown but from inside it will be pure white.


Follow these ingredients to make best white cake recipe buttermilk

  • Egg white 6
  • Milk 1 cup (at room temperature)
  • Unsalted butter softened 6 tsp (room temperature)
  • Oil 2/3 cup (canola or vegetable oil )
  • Sugar 2 cup (400 gram)
  • Vanilla extract 1 tsp
  • 2 2/3 cup + 2 Tablespoon all-purpose flour 
  • Salt 1tsp
  • Baking powder 1 tsp
  • Vanilla butter-cream frosting (double batch) 
white cake recipe
white cake recipe


Follow the fowling instructions carefully to make the white cake.

  • Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F.
  • Take 2 (8 inches) pan and prepare their bottom with paper parchment. Grease the side of both pans.
  • Take a bowl adds butter and beat it by using a hand mixer or stand mixer at low speed. Beat it until it did not get creamy.
  • Now add oil mix it well, as it got mixed add sugar, mix it again until the material did not get creamy
  • Mix the sides of the bowl and then add vanilla extract.
  • Use the mixture on low speed, add milk, and flour, start and end with flour, mix them well, mix them until they did not get combined.
  • Scrape the side and bottom of the bowl.
  • Now use a spatula, softly fold the eggs into the batter. Do not forget to scrape the sides of the bowl.
  • Divide the cake material into both pans.
  • Back the cake for the next 35-40 minutes or until the toothpick did not comes clear or the center comes clear and white, not wet. You can even rotate your pans to get the best results.
  • While baking you will see a light brown color of the cake.
  • Remove the cakes from the oven and keep them cool for the next 10 minutes. Remove them from the wire and let them cool to the next few minutes.
  • When the cake gets cool complete apply the frosting.
  • Your cake is ready to serve.
  • Decorate the cake according to your wish otherwise; frosting is enough to make everyone mouth watery.
white cake recipe
white cake recipe

Special note

  • If you do not like butter-cream frosting, you can use chocolate frosting or any other you like.
  • This recipe was for 2 layer cake, if you want a 4 layer cake, simply double up the ingredients.
  • You can freeze the caking by wrapping it with the proper foil.

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